3 Differences About Winning Mini Roulette

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Mini Roulette is a fully functioning game of chance that is very similar to American or European Roulette. The main differences are found in the size of the wheel, the number of slots on the wheel, your odds for winning and the amount of payouts for various bets.

The wheel
The mini Roulette wheel has just twelve numbered slots plus a zero slot. You can bet on any number or combination of numbers on the board, just like in traditional Roulette, including betting on blacks, reds, odds or evens. However the payouts differ from the larger game. The even money payouts for odds, evens, reds and blacks are the same as well as the ranges 1 to 6, 4 to 9 and 7 to 12. Any normal 2 to 1 payouts (in European or American Roulette) pay 3 to 1 in mini roulette and straight bets pay out at 11 to 1.

Better payouts?
Maybe. Because most of online mini Roulette game I found has higher than average maximum table limit. The traditional roulette table limit varies from $25 to $300, while mini roulette can have $75 to $500 or even higher table limit. This higher table limit simply means that if you are on a winning streak you can really push the boundaries on what you can hope to win on each game; or if you are on a losing streak you are most probably to win it back as long as you are allowed within that table limit. Therefore it could increase your possible payout.

How to choose a game
As with other forms of Roulette it is a good idea to find a site that offers free mini Roulette for you to try out the game. If you have played the other versions of Roulette you may notice that the strategies you employ to win on the bigger versions might not be as effective on the smaller wheel and board and so you too might benefit from using some specific roulette strategy system or software to play this mini roulette game.

One of the positive facts about all forms of Roulette is that Lady Luck does have a part to play in your eventual outcome. You do not need to be a skilled professional to play the game, and regardless of which version you prefer to play, you have as much chance as anybody else to have either a really good day, or not. Some roulette strategy software might work better for you to increase your winning chances.

If you are new to the game watch how other people (preferably winners) place their bets -are they betting on single numbers for example or do they go for more of a spread? Also keep an eye on the amount of payout the table is paying for various bets because this does vary according to the type of Roulette you are playing.

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  1. zaizaices8 replied:

    I didn’t even know that there is a mini-roulette. Thanks for the info!

  2. guaranteewin replied:

    As far as I know there aren’t any roulette system or roulette software which help players to analyze odds of mini roulette.

    I was new to mini roulette few months before. Not long ago I developed new software for people to play mini roulette. The result is pretty amazing.

  3. Hamo replied:

    where can us players play miniroulette online?

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